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tv   [untitled]    May 8, 2013 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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>> translation: i want to give you all my respects and ask you not to just listen to my voice but those that have gone before me and the elders that have spoken before you. >> speaking in spanish. >> i have a lot of experiences that i could share about my experience on the t trains but one that has impacted me a lot is something that actually happened last night. >> speaking in spanish. >> translation: i went to the
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clinic and i ended up having to get on the t train near the -- >> speaking in spanish. >> translation: so it hurts my heart what happened last night we were on the t train and there was a person in a wheelchair without feet the driver said sorry this is the last stop everyone has to get off. >> speaking in spanish.
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>> translation: and so it doesn't matter where we're trying to go they kick us off where it needs to happen apparently and this not only happens to me but members of the african american community in bay view and this needs to stop. >> speaking in spanish. >> translation: so i've been
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here to speak on other issues in the past but i ask that you please listen and you pay attention to what's happening and also there have been accidents i've seen and you wouldn't want to pay thousands of dollars to people in those situations so please listen to this issue. thank you very much. >> thank you. okay. next speaker please? >> jim hill followed by june martin. >> good afternoon. my name is jim hill i'm a resident of the bay view area. i've been there 51 years. the t train -- i have ridden it and it does turnaround at 23 rd street. i don't understand why a man
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would turn a train around with a full load of people, put them off and have experienced 45 minutes to an hour for another train to come and i live at the senior also building with the lady that spoke -- miss jacki. we live there in the building together but it's not -- i don't think it's -- it shouldn't be an issue of racist it's just it should be kept for us to get to and from you know, and it's not -- i don't think it's right for a person to be put off the train and he's
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going in to turnaround and go back downtown and we have to go home, you know. yeah. that's all i have to say. i wish you people would do something about it and put more trains on during the commute hours -- i mean more cars and they tell us when the baseball game and football game is on i don't think a person should work all day and have to stand from the time they get off of work until they get home. i think the bus service is more profit for -- >> thank you. >> june martin. >> hi good afternoon first of all i wanted to thank the mta and all of the members of the board for the youth program it's really been great. i've
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seen piles and piles of applications we're very exciting and it's made a difference in all the youths that were so scared to to take the bus who couldn't afford it so thank you very much. i'm also here -- we've been out on the buses talking to lots of folks it's a really big problem happens frequently and scheduled and unscheduled turnarounds. we know this is a systemwide problem we know it happens on other lines, but in the case of the t train it happens more often and it's really an issue of equit y. we have huge numbers of low income people of color and it's isolated from the rest of the city and public transportation is really the only thing that can overcome that barrier and the only way people can access
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job, schools, work and healthcare services as well. we know there's a lot of charge challenges we know there's a lot of traffic signals and a maintenance challenge for fund ing we know that's all true we want to see this problem addressed it's very urge nt. thank you very much. >> next speaker please. >> good afternoon mr. kopel. >> good afternoon 3 items to call to your attention i understand that with a proposed june sign up there's some discussion on a fall back on m u.n. i metro. this was tried
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30 years ago and did not work involves an un bound operator getting off at embarcadero waiting for the next out bound train on that same line. for a system that fills all of its daily runs with operators and equipment this this can be made to work in a system like m u.n. i this doesn't work and it has dramatic implications for passengers and as i said this was tried 30 years ago and did not work i'm happy to discuss this further if anyone is interested. the director's report did not refer to the public employee relations board decision last week which i noted in the paper and i'm somewhat interested in. i would ask for any documents that now exist that aren't subject to privilege related to
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that decision and what next steps the agency is taking in compliance with that i understood there was a time frame to take action within certain portions both in terms of procedures and costs i think is important to this board agency and public and finally i made constructive comments last week at the meeting which unfortunately didn't have a quarom it's a significant challenge for new director sue and others to try to rebuild that trust with again members of the public, members of your staff and others in support of future policy and funding challenges. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon mr. page.
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>> good afternoon mr. nolan and members of the board and director riskin i'm here to urge you to slow the progress of the tunnel boring machine at washington and stockton and prevent it from moving forward to north beach perhaps you want to hold a hearing on this. what's interesting is that we've learned today that m u.n. i has an operator deficit of 70 million dollars and we know there's a structural deficit of 5 hundred million it just so happens that the tunnelling between washington and north beach will cost about 70 million dollars and if you eliminate that and stop the line where it was originally intended which is chinatown and stockton street you will be able to save the agency 70 million dollars and give all the residents of north beach a
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second chance on how they want transit to be brought into their neighborhood thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker please? >> good afternoon. >> hi my name is -- thank you for -- when i talk with the families in the community they are happy about this program. i'm often been working in the community in bay view i hear these stories about people having a really hard time trying to go home or trying to go to doctor appointment or any other activities they have to and after the day i was here and heard the stories in the community it happened to me. i finished with my thing and i had to go back home and i had to pickup my kids and i saw the
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sign in the train said 15 minutes i'm okay i can be on time to pickup my kids but after 45 minutes the train doesn't come and i don't know but if you have to pickup your kids at a certain time and you are more than 30 minutes for pickup your kids it's horrible and i cannot imagine all these mother and see families that have to do this all the time and have this kind of feeling and i don't think it's fair that place is where a lot of families live a lot of families of color and it's really hard to wait a long time to go to school or anywhere you have to do so i think this has to stop and really it's more important that we start getting the things to work this train has to stop this. [inaudible] okay bye thank you.
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>> thank you bye. >> next speaker please? >> good afternoon. my name is -- i actually reside in bay view and i'm here to talk about the train turnaround from my perspective i really feel like it's really unfair and un equitable to have a service that leaves families on the platform for long periods of time. my personal experience it's very overcrowded and inconsistent and the times 15 minutes jumps to 30 and 45 minutes or longer and after you wait you have to get kicked off on marin street it happened to me several times and i talked
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to people regularly it happened. i've seen it happen. i've waited and seen mothers and elders in the cold at 7 and 8 o'clock at night. i think it's unacceptable. i can do it 1012 blocks for somebody who is an elder who is not physically able to or who has several children or bags full of groceries it's not normal it shouldn't be the expectation or the standard for this city. i think that it's an issue of inequity because there's a lot of families like i said . highest concentration of people in public housing the people who need the transit system the
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most to go to work find employment that there is not in our neighborhood and we have to wait long periods of time in order to do that i ask that you resolve this issue and improve the service to bay view. >> thank you very much. >> good afternoon. >> hello good afternoon. i'm an organizer with power and i want to thank you for all the work that you have done with us for youth issues i've been doing a lot of outreach in the neighborhood. i'm talking to families who haven't heard for free m u.n. i for youth. a lot of people have said the t train replaced the 15 bus and the 15 bus was a lot better. it would
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go from fort may mason to fisher man's wharf while there's a lot of trains that go from bay view to downtown not as many trains coming back so a lot of times people have to wait over an hour almost 2 hours to get home from embarcadero this is a small city it's only 27 miles around this city so people shouldn't have to wait that long it's already particularly an urge nt issue there's no other ways to get home in this neighborhood. in other parts of the city if service doesn't come you can get frustrated but you can hop on another route. people have to walk in the dark alone or even with new friends that they
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have made on the platform that are also dealing with this issue. there's an article she got to the embarcadero and didn't get to lasalle until 9: 45. i've been trying to connect with her. i'd like to ask you to please investigate this issue and make this an agenda item so we can talk in more detail about how we can adjust this issue. >> marry maguire last speaker. >> not really for the bay view residents that doesn't surprise me at all. i'd like to request that you have a discussion today to respond to these speakers. and i would like to
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address the town cars at the special events. at second and brannon they are jamming up the streets and the cabs can't get near and concerts and the cabs can't even get into the street and that's like 2 or 3 in the morning any way i'd also like to talk about the illegal ride shares and ignoring the cease and desist order surprise surprise. the regulators try to regulate and their regulations just getting ignored. are we going to span stand for that? those cabs should go on strike just like in september 2002. also the
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i'd like to sort of it brings into question how is the regulation: the town cars i see 6 or more people getting in they have the same number of seat belts that we do. these town cars are coming from the midwest now they have heard that san francisco is wide open. uber runs a pretty tight ship but they fire people all the time. they are soliciting on the street every day every night. >> thank you. anyone else care to address the board under public comment? >> good afternoon directors again. we talked about the switch back several months ago one of the concerns we have
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here we have combined the k and t that needs to be divided up so lines serve one neighborhood. we when it says it's going to be a certain place we need to be honest as to where it's going to go. if you don't know by the time you get to embarcadero station then there's something really wrong but more fundamentally you have got widely separated stops you have tps great suppression separation yet the thing still runs like a dog. we need to go back to square one again and figure out how to do rapid reliable transit system. i was on the 33 bus last week having a chat with an operator and she
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said you know what's my incentive if i have a collision it's a career ending event. there's limits when you are competing with cars and so many cars now with the new luxury condos with people driving their suv's. >> that will concludes the public comment portion of the meeting. most folks have been here for a number of occasions. we can ask our director to respond and come back. especially the suggestion that it happens way more often on the t than the other lines so the members consent to bring
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something back at a meeting sometime in the near future okay? >> we're encountered this before with the l train and i think with the announcements making sure people know when a switch back is going to occur especially when they are in a sheltered station as opposed to a non sheltered station. so that would be great. >> thank you very much. next item. >> ladies and gentlemen we're moving on to the consent calendar. for the record directors, we have a request to pull item 10.1 traffic modifications. 10.2 with respect to washington street escape improvements and 10.6
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san francisco bicycle plan project and traffic modifications. and that's it for items to be severed. >> the motion on the consent calendar 10.1, 10.2 and 10.6. >> aye. >> 10.1 has to do with approving various traffic modifications requested by members of the public. >> you moved a little quickly just then with the action that you approved took to approve the balance the consent calendar on 10.1 it occurred to me there's no resolved section here referring to environmental review these are discussion ree
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approvals and so i think that's a deficiency in the california calendar item. those documents need to be linked and somehow available and i note some of these relate to a bicycle lane i don't know how that relates to item 10.6 so you know it's difficult to comment on the substance not having the environmental review document available. perhaps we can get that addressed. thanks. >> you want to speak to that? >> good afternoon mr. chair and members of the board. the
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holloway slash bicycle lane project on the consent calendar was one of the longer term bike projects that was approved as a package back in 2009 so we had previously come up with a plan to kind of address the traffic aspects by moving the parking from to create -- we put it out in the field as a pilot and as a result the residents did not support that concept they found it confusing and the street was only -- so this one for current proposal keeps the bike lanes but keeps the parking on one side of the street for half the lanes and on the other half still creates
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the kind of shift type of effect but maintaining the bike lanes. >> is there a motion on this one. >> a motion to approve. >> second. >> aye. >> 10.2 parking and traffic changes for street escape improvements associated with the washington street development. finding that the eir is adequate and adopts and incorporates the motion. the first speaker will be e r.n. estine -- [inaudible]. >> good afternoon my name is er nest stine, weiss first of all
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it should never have come on your agenda. this had to have gone before the ballot and the jumping the gun it's a bit premature don't you think to put it on this agenda? the people are not being served in this city. everybody is pushing through this thing without regard to the people's wishes come on it's time you all listened. as far as the traffic is concerned, the intersection at washington street is impossible right now. the traffic connected to the bay bridge now it's awful it's not sustainable. i'm directly involved with all the development from long ago with the giants etc. i can't even imagine the traffic that's going to take place with all
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this development and the giants with the huge development up here 337 is just going to be outrageous you have to consider all these factors before you do this. please pull this from the agenda until the voters have at least had a chance thank you. >> anyone else care to address the board on this one? >> yes. >> my comment was not addressed. i believe that needed to be attended to. the resolution essentially the calendar item on page 6 of the backed refers to the planning commission board of s ups and puc have approved their further approvals to come on that with
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respect to the resolution itself on page 3 the large paragraph in the middle -- i'm not sure that the mta board makes the findings about revisions to the project and the need for additional revisions to the eir i believe under 15162 and 15164 and section 31.19 c those determinations are made by the environmental review officer and not the decision-making body which you are i'm also not sure if in the next resolve you actually approve the modified project itself or just certain implementation actions and on the final resolved it refers to the parking traffic changes to widen the sidewalks but doesn't specify them they are sort of referenced in the first where
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as but it's not a very tightly written set of causes in my opinion. and although reference is made to the planning commission approvals, i wasn't able to find those particular approvals i was able to get the addendum to the eir i think that there are some significant issues with regard to these matters also there's a reference in the calendar item to alternatives that infees feasible the c u.s. todian of records is not named for either the mta or planning department. thank you. >> good afternoon president